Why am I feeling so old these days?

green_abstract_text_leaves_whyHi blog,

Long time no post.

I had come to my sense that I feel so old lately. I feel pressured. The weight of the pressure in my head is as strong as those coming to the older people.

I am only 27.

I spent my whole life not being able to enjoy my time. I don’t even know if there is any practical guideline to enjoy the every moments in life cause if that exists, I would be so happy to learn it diligently.

I am only 27.

I am healthy. I am fresh. I have so many things I really want to explore.

But why do I feel depressed lately?

Is it normal for  a 27 year old lady to be as depressed as I currently am? If that is the case, then when will I find the true meaning of happiness?

I am only 27.

God, please let me be the master of myself so that I can control my mind better.

I know this is an illusion. The bad things only grow upon my imagination. I really don’t want to be weak while it is going too wild in which it is hard to hold onto myself..

Yes, I am only 27.




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