My Top Soundcloud Posts (updated: 10 Nov 2017)

Hi, blog.

I love singing but i cannot bear singing in front of the crowds. To be able to do my hobby, I found some interesting places to save and share my recordings. Jjajaang.. one of them (really? “THEM”? XD) is Soundcloud.

I started this account 3 years ago, but I actively posted more recordings a year later. I only familiar to Indonesian,Korean and English songs. These are my top cover songs with over 200 plays by today :


1Loco & Punch – Say Yes (OST Moon Lovers) (399 plays–> 6,916 plays)


My other  Smule Cover. Surprisingly, it sets the fastest play record with 399 plays in less than a month.

2. Sheila On 7 – Buat Aku Tersenyum (520 plays –> 1,561 plays)

My group named ourselves as KISsMe. It is the abbreviation of our nicknames (Keke, Icha, Susan and Mega). We played along pretty well when we were back in Melbourne at 2014. We shared so many things. One of them was we love singing. Once we had a sleepover time at Susan’s place, we recorded this song. Susan as the only one who can play guitar,provided us the background music and she sang along with us. We are really happy that this song got a great responses on Soundcloud. 🙂

3. Loco &Punch – Say Yes (OST Moon Lovers) – Cover Bahasa Indonesia (811 –> 1,132 plays)


Well, since my first cover to the original song has gotten so many plays, I tried to create a cover in Bahasa Indonesia. I believe that the song is really the favorite of many so that the plays for this track are also great.

4. Rizky Fabian and Me – Penantian Berharga (smule cover) (974 –> 1,064 plays)


The second time I joined the real singer’s invitation on Smule to sing his song. The respond is incredible. It reaches 600 plays in only 2 months.

5. Sheila On 7 – Anugerah Terindah yang Pernah Kumiliki (712 plays –> 1,041 plays)

I recorded this song with my friend, Susan. She played the guitar and also sang along with me. I guess there are many people love her voice so this recording got a lot of plays. At that time, our friend, Mas Anggit had just bought the new recording tools and we were eager to give a first try recording with those new stuffs. 🙂
6. Big Bang – Loser _ English cover ( 534 plays –> 746 plays)

One day, I was inspired to create my own English cover of a Korean song. Around that time, I was in love with a group called Big Bang. They released the series of digital singles each month during 4 months straight and “Loser” was the first one being released. The song was so popular and I decided to make an English version of it. Using some helps from the translated English lyrics, I worked hard to rephrase and match it with the beat. I uploaded the video lyrics version to my personal Youtube Account and it got relatively many views as well. That was really fun. 🙂

7. Jung Eunji ft Seo In Guk – All For You (279 plays –> 665 plays)

This might be the first song I uploaded to Soundcloud that got “popular”. One day, me and my neighbor Sonya recorded our voices. The Reply 1997 drama was so well known at that time and All For You was one of the OSTs. Sonya took Seo In Guk’s part and I got Eunji’s. Until now,we keep thinking that this song is our own OST 😂

8IU ft Park Myungsoo – Leon (266 plays–> 552 plays)


One of my Smule covers with another user. This song was composed by IU for the Infinity Challenge Music Festival 2015. 🙂

9. Afgan ft Me – Percayalah (332 plays–> 527 plays)


Anddd here it is.. one of my absurd experiences. I was virtually singing a duet with the real singer, afgan. Yeah, probably you may also take a look at this video

See the difference? Haha.. like i have stated before, I am completely aware of my awkward expression. I mean it. That was absurd man,, too much  XD

10Hyorin ft. Jooyoung – Erase (380 plays –> 514 plays)

Hyorin is a female singer from a group called SISTAR and she is famous with her strong vocal. I was late to know about this song and once I listened to it, I really liked it. Her and Jooyoung’s voice were blended really well. If I did a cover, I need to prepare two voices, for both male and female. I did both at that time! So I became the female and male voice. I was pretty satisfied to the result so I uploaded it to my Soundcloud 🙂


old entries (other > 200 plays songs)


(-)  OST Tersanjung (405 plays –> 458 plays)

I don’t know why this song got popular on my Soundcloud. I guess it’s because of the misleading title. I didn’t put “cover” to the title so they might be mis-clicked it. The quality of the sound wasn’t great. Even I almost forget when i recorded this song. So.. yeah. Random things happen easily sometimes 😂

(-). Afgan ft Rossa – Kamu yang Kutunggu (207 plays –> 443 plays)

Nowadays,i found my new “playground” called Smule. This apps allowed me to sing karaoke and also record my voice with some special effects. I played it for 4 months now. When i started my account,i found a user who has a great voice and i recorded a song through his open invitation. The song was uploaded only 4 months ago yet it has already been played for over 200 times for now 🙂

(-). Christina Perry – A Thousand Years (271 plays –> 403 plays)

I visited Mas Anggit’s place to accompany my friend who want to record a congratulary song for his brother’s wedding. At a short break,we recorded this song with Mas Anggit’s guitar playing. The sound was really shabby since it was only one take. 😂

(-). Bruno Mars – Count on Me (213 plays –> 307 plays)

Probably this song is the second one that makes me keep wondering why it has more plays than i thought. It has no music, contains only my voice and the duration is only 28 secs. I uploaded it simply because of the noise-clear sound.

(-). Westlife – Flying without Wings (214 plays –> 281 plays)

With only one Westlife’s song,my friend got almost 1000 plays for her first Soundcloud post. I felt a bit jealous (*please forgive me*) and decided to recorded my own and I pretty much failed. Lesson learned: don’t do anything due to jealousy 😂


Well,those are my 10 top Soundcloud posts (and some older covers after updating the ranks) . It might seem that I wrote this post for nothing but bragging myself or maybe you think “so what? You don’t have that many plays though” etc. Haha.. well (beside this is my personal blog so i am free to post anything, soo :-p ) I just want to share some of my hard works when i do something outside my main job and it is related to my hobby.

We need to balance our activities. You may have your job and also keep doing your hobby to entertain yourself (and maybe others as well) 🙂

Be happy everyone. 😀

Depok, April 5th 2016

The (literally) hidden singer,



iKON: They Told Me about Passion and Hardwork

“Human can be whatever he wants. So,when you find it hard,just keep doing it.”

– B.I (leader)

“Where do i gain that confidence? It’s all about mind control. I can do it! I always have that in my mind while i am on stage”

– B.I (leader)

Hi all,

You don’t necessarily need to know,but fyi, i am a big fans of kpop. Nowadays i fell into a rookie group called IKON. The oldest member was born at ’94 and the youngest was born at ’98. Yes,they are too young in my eyes,Lol. But the way they acted while they are on stage gives a chilling “non-rookie feelings” all the time since talent-wise,they mastered almost all needed skills as singing,rapping,dancing and even composing their own songs. Moreover,they always were looked so confident on stage as they have already performed thousand times on the same stage.

That day,they dropped a MV for their new single,”Apology”. That’s the first time i was hooked into them and started doing some flashbacks.

Originally,they competed in a survival program called WIN (Who is Next) under the name of Team B. Team B consists of 6 members with B.I (Kim Hanbin) as the leader. Compared to their ‘rival’ at the show,Team B has a stronger teamwork. Although Hanbin is not the oldest one in the group,but the members put their whole trusts to him as their leader.


I am impressed by how hard this team work together and how hard Hanbin work as the leader. By being a leader,he also is the main composer of all original songs for the team,choreographer for the team,or simply said,he produced his own team (he did it as a 96’s liner. It is beyond amazing!). He spent most of his time in the practice room and even the CEO of their entertainment company often found him sleeping at the office in the dawn alone,proving that he left  the very last to prepare everything for the team. 

Team B was lost on WIN. They have to face two possible consequences,group disbanded or group reformation. After feeling dropped because of their lost,they decided to practice again,harder in order to be able to debut soon.

A year later,before debuted,they needed to fight again in another survival program called Mix and Match (a.k.a a group reformation). There are 3 new additional candidates to be in the team and the CEO said that the new name of the next group would be “IKON” (the icon from korea) consisting of 7 members. B.I was having an even  harder times to prepare the competition involving the new team of 9 members. He once ran away to clear up his mind and then came back to work again. This is why his team members respect him so much. (Me too. He gives a great example of being a natural charismatic leader).

They compliment each other when they are doing good or having some improvements on their skills. They comment each other’s performance,advicing which parts that s already good,which parts that’s not. They are helping each other a lot since they know they are working under the same team. About how the spectators watch the team as a whole,not only being the best individually, they understand it well.  Therefore each of them works hard,trying not to ruin the image of the team.

Once the additional members were caught up not doing as well as expected despite of the show would be  on less than a week. Here what Hanbin said,

“I can’t see you guys are as desperate to debut soon as the original members. If i were you, i would practice really hard til i feel ashamed when i didn’t. At least i will going home after the leader. Even I would prefer to not going home (at dorm) nor sleeping when i know i am still not doing any good compare to the original members.”

“(As a leader) I wish i am falsely accusing you guys now,so just practice harder to prove i am wrong. Don’t ruin the team”

That much hit me right at my head( alright, I know i was using too much feelings while watching the shows,haha). But,it shows how working hard is the least thing human can do.

They have passion. They have dream. They want to pursue their dream together as a team by being discipline and again.. work hard.
Hanbin is the leader. He understand he will be the first one to be blamed if something bad happen to the team. He feels happy when the team members getting complimented. He often repeated this sentence to his team members

“Trust me (as a leader). You guys can definitely trust me.”

Finally they managed to debut.

Maybe i just can’t write everything about them here. I hope the insight is clearly stated that it is a blessing to have a dream and passion that can guide you to work hard. Once you are able to set your goal (s), you have to make sure the steps to reach those goals and continously manage yourself to focus working hard and of course pray harder.

Instead of worrying too much and blame others,you can start from yourself. Just do it. Be confident of yourself. Work for it. Pray for it. You’ll definitely get the best.

Thank you IKOn. Long lasts. Hardworks will never betray you.  🙂


Me writing this while waiting for the bus at the airport and listening a song called Make U Proud by IKON,
27 Dec 2015

Wish Lists

1. I want to find my expertise. Something that i do well because i enjoy doing it

2. I want to be a great speaker. I love talking but often feel guilty after doing too many empty talking.

3. I want to be a real teacher. It is the magic of sharing knowledge.

I hope i can start learning from now on.

Wish me luck ✌

Self Reflection

There is a very sad news this morning. Deep condolences for my friend who’s losing her husband. 😦
They have been in love to each other since high school. As much as i understand how much pain that she needs to bear right now, i sincerely wish her and her late husband for the best. May Allah love them more. Aaamiin.. 😦

For having such dirty thoughts yesterday, about how disrespectful i was about my life,i hope Allah will forgive me. 😦

I am 25 and i am thankful.


Bergaji = Culture Shock


Assalamualaikum teman-teman yang baik 🙂

Karena ini postingan mendadak,bahasanya berubah lagi jadi bahasa indonesia dan kemungkinan akan pake bahasa yang seenak jidat. *ah sudahlah yg penting kontennya xD

aku adalah seseorang yg bisa dikatakan cukup “terlambat” masuk dunia kerja,karena sekolahku nonstop sejak TK – S2 (double degree). Hampir tidak ada jeda yg lama dari satu tingkat ke tingkat lain.

Salah satu akibatnya,baru kurasain hari ini. YAP HARI INI! *kurang fresh apa coba tulisan ini

Gimana ga ngerasa,ini bulan keduaku terima gaji. Literally gaji yg kuhasilkan dariku bekerja. Yaiy,akhirnya aku kerja!!

Punya gaji sekian membuatku super bahagia dan bersyukur. Lalu seperti aku yg seperti biasa ga sabaran,akhirnya di bulan keduaku terima gaji,aku sudah berlagak seperti horang kayah.

Rasanya ada sebesar dunia seisinya keinginanku yg ingin kuwujudkan dgn gajiku tsb. Mulai dari:
1. Aha! Aku mau travelling! Dalam? Luar negeri? Mauuu… kemana dulu yaa.. aakk.. *lupa isi dompet
2. Wah. Daftar klub fitness boleh ni,buar badan jadi oke. Yosh! *wacana
3. Sebulan sekali nyalon perlu lah ya. Perawatan muka,badan,rambut. *wacana
4. Perlu ubah seisi lemari. Harus tampil baru fresh dan berbeda! *mulai keliling2 mall,lupa isi dompet

Sampe di suatu detik beberapa jam lalu,sesaat setelah merencanakan perjalanan besar bersama teman2 kosan dan melihat foto2 temen2ku yg keliling eropa dan indonesia,aku pun tersadar akan sesuatu.

Am i being culture shocked?
Am i being too excited?

What am i doing now exactly? :”(

Ya iyalah temen2ku udah bisa keliling dunia,pake baju2 bagus,dll dst. Setidaknya wajar kan mereka udah kerja lebih dulu 2-3 tahun drpada aku. Dgn gaji yg lebih besar pulak. Ya maklum kalo skrg mereka mulai menikmati hasilnya.
Lah kamu meg?
Baru 2 kali gajian!!

Mereka udah selesai dgn set up plan mereka dr lama. Mau apa mereka dgn gaji mereka? Bagaimana mereka mengelolanya? Bagaimana mereka menikmati hobinya dgn gaji tersebut. Yaiyalah mereka pasti sudah lebih dulu selesai.
Sedang kamu,meg?
Baru 2 kali gajian!!!

Yap. Itulah dia.
Sama seperti aku yg saat ini akhirnya bekerja dan memiliki gajiku sendiri,nanti pasti akhirnya datang waktuku untuk menikmatinya.
Sama seperti mereka yg sudah duluan,walau aku terlambat,nanti juga datang ko saatnya aku menikmati ini semua.

Belajar dari hal ini,aku hanya bisa mentertawai diri sendiri karena ternyata aku masih anak kecil yg overly excited sama barang baru yg kupunya. 
Aku harus kembali fokus dengan rencana. Dengan tujuan dan bagaimana caraku mencapai tujuan tersebut.
Itu dulu.

Now it s time to calm yourself down.
There s no need to always comparing yourself to others cause sometimes you just need to understand that you re standing on your own path n you re walking with your own style.

Stay calm.
Stay focused.

Demikian kisahku. Haha

Sampai jumpa.

Depok,4 April 2015
Yg sdg culture shocked,

Depok, My Second Home, My New Life

Hi you,

Let me tell you some little things i found right after i was going back from my (strongest candidate of) greatest dream, Melbourne.

Nothing better than going back home. Until now, i still believe this fact.

Nevertheless, i have to admit that i got some culture shock. You might be feeling the same when you go somewhere far away from your hometown, then you go back, even if you are still familiar to that place, you will need some time to settle back and adapt yourself in the new surroundings, new environment, as well as .. a new life.

I just realized that the current prices here have gone up. It’s not as expensive as when i was in Melbourne back then obviously, but it’s like, i need to adjust my financial management in accordance with the prices here. For instance for my communication and internet fees. I used to pay a monthly plan that was automatically debited directly from my account. Now, i need to pay it manually. I still used my old operator for my phone number so now i am currently learning how to manage my call (utilizing free calls after calling a number for 1 minute), message (100 free SMS after sending 1 message) and also internet ( just find a store that sells an affordable price for a month internet package ).

I have to be thankful coz i could stay at my old dorm house, the same house that i used to live in before i went to Melbourne. I got the same group of great neighbor. But still, i realized that the walking distance from that place into my working place (my campus) is quite.. far. I will be alright soon i know. I am currently struggling to be familiar once again with this situation.

One thing that made me feel free during the 10 months in Melbourne was that i rarely heard “comments” about my life from others. Right after i was going back here, i need to face it again. I need to handle every questions that are headed in front of my face from almost each person that i met.

Let’s not forget about the weather. The air is pretty good for my skin since it more humid than in Melbourne. I can avoid the dry skin and dry lips. But since it’s hotter, my sweat is making a great comeback. I also lost my ability as a great pedestrian especially when i need to cross a crowded street as Jalan Margonda. I need to change my habit of pressing the button before i crossed the street coz i won’t find any (easily) here.

In one side, i really want to keep practicing my English, but in the other one i can’t keep speaking English. One day, a waitress was laughing at me since i spell “Paket Chicken 3” as “Chicken Three” not “Chicken Tiga” (even though it s not 100% my fault since they do not consistently put the name as “Paket Ayam 3” instead). Well, writing in this blog (yeah,you) can help me keeping my English on fire, can’t it? I hope so.

And the last but not least, my new job. A job that i always want. Nothing goes right for the first time. I felt anxious in every time i woke up in the morning. I only wish that everything will be alright. I hope my student will gain the useful knowledge from me.

That’s my story for today. Keep FIGHTING!!! 😀

Depok, 040215


Mega’s Life Note: I Love Saving Coins Change



Usually, i am not a type of person who brag myself in front of many people. But if i may, i will proudly brag about my since-childhood-habit, SAVING.

I did not refrain myself to buy  anything i need/like. I simply love to save the change i got that day. I remember how i was soo excited at my first time opening a bank account during my 3rd grade of elementary school.  I will always be happy to see the amount in my savings book grew little by little. Why am i so proud of myself by doing that? Because although my pocket money were relatively small compared to my other friends, I was able to diligently save more. Therefore,alhamdulillah,thanks God, even if i did not live with a lot of money but I never lacked either because of my habit to save.

Today again i am so proud till the extent i feel like receiving an achievement. Since April,if i got change in coins, i decided to put them on a tube of chips.


I kept on track of the amount of coins inside the tube by writing them down on a sticky note (or i would calculate them everyday instead since i love doing that. Silly ~~ xD). One day i realized that i had $150 inside the tube! It is like 1,5 million rupiahs of coins!! I feel proud of myself. Really! 😂😂

Then i brought them to the bank to exchange them using a coin count machine. And taraaa… i add $150 into my other saving place ( I distinguish the places of my savings into a place of saving coins(a chips tube), banknotes(an envelope) and bank savings(a bank account)). 😂😂😂

It is really fun. Saving makes you happy.

See yaa.

14 November 2014

Mega’s Life Note : Sometimes, No Need Any Other Words, “Just Do It!”

Hi everyone,

I remembered that it was a very hectic week. There are some deadlines and one of them was a real nightmare for me. Meanwhile, when i was in a class, my friend asked me

My Friend : “How is it? Are you going to make a presentation on Data Mining? They said we can get some additional points if we make one.”

Dang! I just realized about that. It s absolutely understandable that i completely forget about such presentation thing since i got almost no time to think about anything else beside my deadline.

Me : “Oh yeah. Seems impossible for me”

My Friend : “Why? Just make one. It wouldn’t take long. 10 minutes presentation and we can gain some points”

Me : “When is it again? The presentation time?”

My Friend : “You even forgot your own RSVP. You wrote on the list to bring a presentation tomorrow.”

Me : “DANG! My bad. Fixed then. It s impossible. ”

My Friend : “Oh, don’t you think it s too bad?”

Me : “I haven’t even searched for any topic”

My Friend : “Take a simple one”

Me : “I dunno. But anw, thanks for reminding me. It s possible for me to cancel my turn for tomorrow. ”

My Friend : “I hope you change your mind. I have selected a very simple topic and i will give a try tomorrow.”

Me : ….

At that time, i was 100% sure i will cancel my turn for the next day. But then, i saw some discussion on my former IR Lab Whatsapp group. They are discussing about a small project they held about sentiment analysis on Indonesia Presidential Election. It felt like i got a fresh air. “HEY. This is a very simple yet possible topic to be presented tomorrow!” With a “nothing to lose” mind, i asked their permission to share their on going project as my presentation topic. They felt happy since it will help them promote the project as well. I told my friend that i might give a presentation.

At night, i gave a thought once more and again i felt anxious. I was not confident enough to bring something in a presentation without any good preparation. I decided to delete my name in the lists of presenter. I slept and woke up at around 1 am. Again i felt anxious. I had a chance to do something good, my lab partners have allowed me to, but what’s so wrong with me for deleting my name before i slept. One sentence in my mind woke my self up.


Well, i opened Power Point and start creating some slides. I practiced my talk while creating each slides. At around 4 am, i wrote my name back to the list. I haven’t felt this kinda weird situation before. So indecisive.

A couple minutes before my turn, i still have some anxiety in my mind. I might cancel again and not giving anymore thoughts about this. But again the sentence flied in my mind.



I prepared my smile and gathered up my confidence to deliver my presentation. Alhamdulillah, it s really great. My friends and the tutor are interested on my talk. They asked some questions. I also felt happy cause i brought the name of “INDONESIA”, my beloved country  while presenting my topic.

Sometimes you don’t need to worry too much. As long as it is not something bad, JUST DO IT! Never give up cause you won’t know any great things waiting you ahead.

Give it a try!


Melbourne, 9 Nov 2014